Born and raised in the Great Northwest side of Chicago, I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Fine Arts. I landed my first big boy job as a graphic designer for Time Out Chicago magazine. Not long after that I decided to get into the advertising industry working at a few agencies between Chicago and Minneapolis before being hired at Leo Burnett's Arc Worldwide in 2010. 

As an artist my influences stem from my love of movies, comic books, street art and Saturday morning cartoons. My style is grounded in a clean and simple aesthetic that I bring to my work both personally and professionally. 

Side hustles include freelance illustration, graphic design and photography. I'm also the lead photographer for the CreativeMornings Chicago chapter.

When I'm not making art I'm likely watching political comedy talk shows, geeking out over the next Star Wars or Marvel movie, playing the guitar or channeling my inner Freddy Mercury on a karaoke stage.


Law & Order marathons
Stephen Colbert


A lack of public train riding etiquette
Poor kerning on tv & film credits

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